Carolina Queen:  (M-L)  Pink Hybrid Lotus
(Nelumbo ‘Carolina Queen’)
 Origin:    Japan.
 Parentage:    Unknown.
 Characteristics:    Semi-dwarf, double flowers, prolific bloomer.

There are very few examples of true perfection in our world, but ‘Red Flare’ is about as close to perfect as it gets. The mysterious and beautiful red flowers unfurl shortly after the sun sets and remain open all evening, closing in the mid to late morning.*  The elegant maroon leaves are beautiful all by themselves, providing contrast . An incredibly prolific bloomer, ‘Red Flare’ often produces clusters of 3 or more flowers on established plants. Adaptable to large tub gardens and smaller ponds- plant in 2-3 gallon container, and fertilize every 3-4 weeks. Given more space, it will grow nearly as large as other night-blooming waterlilies. One of the most incredible waterlily cultivars, ‘Red Flare’ produces large, fragrant flowers of a deep neon red that appear to glow under moonlight or subtle landscape lighting.


* The blooms of night-blooming waterlilies often remain open late into the afternoon on overcast days.

Medium-Large Spread (up to 5-6 ft) Plant in Full Sun (AT LEAST 6 hours per day)

Petal Color:  Deep red.
Sepal color:  Deep red.
Anther color:  Reddish brown.
Stamen color:  Light pink or yellow.
Flower shape:   Large, round, flat
Flower size:   7-10 in. (18-25 cm)
Fragrance:    Intense.
Number of petals:   19-20.
Number of sepals:   4.
Leaf size:   10-12 in. (25-30 cm)
Leaf spread:  5-6 ft. (1.5-2 m)
Stem color:  Peduncle reddish brown; petiole brown.
Leaf Color:    Top, reddish brown to maroon, fading only slightly; underside, purple.
Leaf and sinus:   Young leaves arrowhead to ovate. Older leaves nearly round,
                          heavily serrated, wavy edges. Sinus usually wide open ”V”.
Pubescence on peduncle or petiole:   Tiny short hairs on both.

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